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- Marvin Kaulkin, Founder of Kaulkin Ginsberg Company

"In order to succeed in a small and close-knit industry, it's important to focus on doing what is best for each client. That means adhering to old fashioned ethics of doing what's right, delivering what we promise, and keep our word. We are dedicated to serving the needs of this industry and are constantly looking for ways we can deliver value."

During the 1990s, the firm’s focus revolved around the debt collection industry, later known as accounts receivable management (ARM). Initially, the firm was strictly sell-side transaction driven, initiating and advising on many pivotal ARM transactions, including those involving private equity consolidators, the first and only industry roll-up IPO, the first large-scale, multi-national transaction, and the first sale to a leading customer relationship management (CRM) company, which paved the way for the integration of the ARM and CRM industries and their entry into the CRM industry. Soon the executives of the firm realized that their expertise, knowledge, and access to key decision-makers would enable them to expand the firm's service capabilities beyond sell-side representation.  

By the start of the 21st century, Mike Ginsberg, hired as an intern in 1991, became Marvin Kaulkin’s, founder of M. Kaulkin & Associates, “exit strategy” by becoming a partner of the firm. Together, they expanded the firm's services to support virtually every stage of a company’s life cycle – research, valuation, and buy-side and sell-side M&A services, to longer term engagements such as assisting owners in developing and implementing their own growth and exit strategies. The firm became Kaulkin Ginsberg Company (Kaulkin Ginsberg) and extended beyond the U.S., offering advice and support to clients globally.

As a byproduct of its extensive specialization, Kaulkin Ginsberg began accumulating enormous amounts of market information and providing clients with valuable and ongoing intelligence. As part of the firm's information-sharing initiative, Kaulkin Ginsberg launched the ARM industry’s first news and information website, collectionindustry.com, later renamed insideARM.com in the mid-1990s. With more than 70,000 subscribers, the website has grown to become the industry’s go-to online resource for collection agencies, law firms, debt buyers, creditors, vendors, regulators, industry investors, and other interested parties. 

As the firm expanded its service offerings and its market reach, so too did many of the clients they serviced. In the early 2000s, a new industry emerged in the healthcare market called revenue cycle management (RCM). This market included medical billing, patient eligibility, denial claims, and pre-delinquent/early stage collections. It became a fast-growing market and an attractive growth opportunity for ARM and CRM companies.

At the end of 2014, Kaulkin Ginsberg also founded Topline Valuation Group to expand upon its successful valuation practice, providing definitive business valuation and related advisory services for a variety of transactional, financial reporting, and tax-related purposes.

Today, Kaulkin Ginsberg proudly offers M&A and strategic advisory services to outsourced service businesses. The firm continues to expand upon its knowledge base to provide each client with a customized, client-centric approach. Like the firm that Marvin started in 1988, Kaulkin Ginsberg today remains committed to its mission to stay the most well-versed and trusted advisor for its clients.

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