Market Intelligence & Analysis

Decision makers like you must have relevant and timely information about the markets you serve to guide your strategic planning. Kaulkin Ginsberg’s superior market intelligence resources will help you understand trends and forecasts, allowing you to develop campaigns to achieve your goals.


  • Custom Research – Use our data to determine your company’s next move. Kaulkin Ginsberg’s team will work with you to develop a custom report that identifies opportunities within key market segments, supporting your strategic business decisions.
  • KG Prime – Our information service provides unparalleled ARM industry research to owners and executives. This community-based platform allows you to easily and seamlessly share data online with your team, re-engineering the way you and your company make decisions about growth. Contact us to learn how to access our archives.
  • Research Fellowship Program – In conjunction with the Department of Economics at the University of Maryland, College Park, Kaulkin Ginsberg established an undergraduate research fellowship in 2013. Students are carefully selected to examine market segments using Big 10 resources under the guidance of our experienced research team.

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"Excellent work. I was in need of a perspective of what’s happening in the ARM and RCM space and this report is spot on. I have used Kaulkin Ginsberg for years to stay abreast of industry trends and they have always provided me with professional, comprehensive, and insightful data.”

Curtis Warfield,

CFO – Managed Care Division, HCA

“I am beyond relieved to find KG Prime as a single source for ARM industry-specific information. Your firm is an information data hub, complete with a reliable federal and state compliance perspective. Your papers are incredibly consistent and the format is perfectly structured for our analytical business growth purposes.”

Tracy Chapron,

Receivables Solutions, Inc