Litigation Support & Expert Witness Services

There is no greater make or break moment for your business than when it’s involved in a lawsuit. Building your case using the appropriate experts can be the difference between winning and losing – between growing your company and scrambling to stay afloat.

Kaulkin Ginsberg’s litigation support professionals have a track record of success. Whether you’re facing a valuation dispute, damage assessment, contract claim, employee matter, or other pending legal action, our experts are ready to assist you.

Our trustworthy team will help you meet your legal challenge head on. Contact us today.

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“I was in settlement discussions over the ownership of my company. When talks didn’t progress, I engaged Kaulkin Ginsberg for a business valuation. One week later, they verbally told me what my company was worth, and by the end of the week I had a draft of the written report. They gave me the leverage I needed to continue negotiations with confidence. I highly recommend them.”

— Confidential Valuation Client

”Even with the help of both sides’ CPAs and attorneys we found ourselves at a six month standstill. We knew it was time to bring in the experts and we knew there was only one true industry expert to choose – Kaulkin Ginsberg. Their responsiveness and concise industry knowledge helped us to confidently carve a path to an amicable resolution within weeks.”

— Jeff DiMatteo,

Partner, American Profit Recovery