The State of Technology: Experts Guardedly Optimistic but where are we Headed?

December 5th, 2017

With less than one month remaining in 2017, it’s critical to understand the current state of affairs in the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry, specifically as it relates to technology. Mike Ginsberg was joined by Jason Harrington, Mike McDonnell, and Chad Probst to discuss this important topic in a two-part, informative podcast series.

In the first part of the series, the experts provided their thoughts on the current overall state of the ARM industry. The experts collectively agreed that they were guardedly optimistic of the industry’s future. Later in the podcast, the three discussed the biggest challenges confronting the ARM industry from their perspective. Everything from the ED decision, to consolidation in the market, including the additional costs associated with infrastructure and technology-related components, to compliance, specifically regarding wireless phone utilization, was mentioned.

The second part of this podcast began with the experts discussing the biggest opportunities in the marketplace today. First, how will the industry employ the millennial generation? It’s a people business in which technology still matters. Second, consumers want to pay when they want and how they want to in the new fast-paced economy. Multi-channel communication, via web, email, and text, are increasingly important.

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Jason Harrington is a senior vice president and CRO at Ontario Systems, while maintaining nearly 20 years of experience in the industry. A variety of roles including product direction, strategy, and business development, and deep knowledge of collections operations have made him a go-to resource for many of the country’s most-successful ARM organizations. International receivables management and entrepreneurial experience have shaped Jason’s outlook as he’s led Ontario Systems’ revenue generation efforts, which include leading the company’s sales, marketing, product and services teams, with a focus on growing the company’s business in all markets served.

Michael McDonnell serves as RevSpring’s vice president of sales and marketing, and is responsible for leading sales and marketing efforts within the financial services division. In this position, Michael oversees the business development and strategic direction within these respective verticals, working closely with industry leaders and RevSpring’s corporate team. His wealth of experience covers both third-party collection and first-party billing applications including letters and statements, as well as secure electronic communications and payment applications. He retains more than 20 years of business process outsourcing expertise, managing strategic relationships and applications in the ARM industry.

Chad Probst is the vice president of sales and business development at BillingTree. Chad has had a consultative sales background with the ARM, transportation, software, healthcare, and financial service industries for the past 25-plus years. He currently serves on the affiliate committee for ACA International.


Mike Ginsberg is the president and CEO of Kaulkin Ginsberg, offering M&A and strategic advisory expertise to the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry for over 25 years, and KG Prime, offering market intelligence for ARM professionals on client industries, economic- and industry-specific trends. He is also co-founder of Topline Valuation Group, providing ARM owners and executives with authoritative technical, financial and benchmarking services designed to improve decisions at the corporate and operational levels.

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The State of Technology: Experts Guardedly Optimistic but where are we Headed?

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