The State of Compliance: Where Are We Going?

November 9th, 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, it’s important to note the current state of affairs for the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry. Mike Ginsberg was joined by Manny Newburger, Rozanne Andersen, and Ohad Samet to discuss just that as it relates to compliance.

This highly informative, two part podcast series began with the experts discussing where they ranked the ARM compliance industry’s current state of affairs. Is the industry doing something wrong, or is the landscape changing faster than the industry? Later, the experts described the biggest challenges confronting the ARM industry. Is it robo-calling? Or maybe email correspondence? Or something else entirely?

The second part of this series focused on where the experts think the industry is going. What are the opportunities facing the ARM industry. Will there be a shift from a bottom line only industry to a relationship management driven industry? What about the current administrations effect on the industry?

To find out what the experts thought, listen to the first 15 minute podcast, and second 19 minute podcast, available exclusively to KG Prime members. Simply log in to your account, or request your company code by visiting KG Prime.

DISCLAIMER: Ohad Samet participated in this podcast on behalf of himself, and did not speak for the CFPB.

Manny Newburger leads the Consumer Financial Services Law Practice Group at Barron & Newburger, P.C, which focuses on litigation, litigation management and strategy and regulatory defense and strategy. He also serves as a settlement negotiator in complex cases and consults to collection industry members throughout the United States, India, the Philippines and Canada. In addition to his work at Barron & Newburger, Manny is known for his expertise in consumer and commercial law, and is an author and speaker on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act compliance.


Rozanne Andersen serves as Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer for Ontario Systems, the leading provider of software, contact management, and compliance consulting services to the ARM and revenue cycle management industry. Rozanne has over 30 years of experience as general counsel, chief lobbyist, executive vice president, and CEO of ACA International, as well as a practicing attorney specializing in banking and financial services.


Ohad Samet is the co-founder and CEO of TrueAccord, a data driven debt recovery platform seeking to put a human face on debt collections by using machine learning and behavioral analytics. He was recently appointed to the CFPB’s Consumer Advisory Board and is serving as an Advisor for Aspen Institute. Prior to that, Ohad headed fraud analytics for FraudSciences, a company that provided eCommerce fraud prevention and was acquired by PayPal in 2008. At PayPal, Ohad incubated and ran the New Ventures Risk team. After leaving PayPal in 2010, Ohad started two companies. Signifyd is a leading fraud prevention vendor working with Fortune 500 companies to reduce payments fraud. The other, Analyzd, was acquired by Klarna, a European payments company, in 2011. There Ohad served as Chief Risk Officer, in charge of granting real-time short-term credit for Klarna’s $2.5B of annual payments volume.


Mike Ginsberg is the President and CEO of Kaulkin Ginsberg, offering M&A and strategic advisory expertise to the ARM industry for over 25 years, and KG Prime, offering market intelligence for ARM professionals on client industries, economic- and industry-specific trends. He is also co-founder of Topline Valuation Group, providing ARM owners and executives with authoritative technical, financial, and benchmarking services designed to improve decisions at the corporate and operational levels.

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