Kaulkin Ginsberg Moves Its Market Intelligence Online

June 8th, 2017

Kaulkin Ginsberg Company (“KGC”) is changing the way busy executives in the accounts receivable management (“ARM”) industry access and share critical market intelligence. Let us introduce KG Prime. KG Prime takes all of the benefits of KGC’s authoritative market research on client industries, economic and industry-specific analyses, and strategic insight from subject matter experts, and creates an easy-to-use and comprehensive online market research and intelligence resource for the ARM Industry.

When asked why the firm launched KG Prime, Mike Ginsberg, President & CEO of KGC stated, “The ARM industry’s endured a tremendous amount of change since the onset of the Great Recession. From increased client demands to erratic consumer behavior and intense regulatory oversight, operational decisions on all sides of the credit and collections spectrum have been significantly impacted. Now more than ever, we think it is critical that owners and C-level executives have access to the most relevant market intelligence impacting their business in a format that they can easily share with their leadership team. For these reasons, we created KG Prime.”

“The information on KG Prime is far more comprehensive than some of the other resources available to the ARM industry that only speak to high-level trends, events, or changes in the market that have already past. KG Prime provides all of this detail, but expands its presentations to include key takeaways, market growth projections, and qualitative forecasts on events that should impact the ARM industry. We believe KG Prime is a tool that is well-suited to support strategic planning and investment decisions, preparations for upcoming RFPs, and much more,” said Michael Thomas, Senior Associate & Director of Research.

KG Prime’s secure website combines the very best capabilities of a market research portal with social media to facilitate effective communications. Research is segmented by topic and made available on multiple levels for easier and clear access. Additionally, registrants can assign individual preferences so they are notified when new information is uploaded that fits their unique profile and share relevant information with other coworkers.

Two levels of membership are available to the ARM community – basic and universal:

  • Basic membership is free to all users. Each member of your company will have access to the latest industry trends, ARM-specific economic data, and general market segment analyses. ARM companies can request a unique company access code
  • Universal level membership provides your team with all the benefits of basic membership level, and also includes in-depth market segment research such as case studies on the largest clients in a given market and timely insight on significant developments in the ARM industry. The introductory annual price for universal membership to KG Prime is just $395.

About Kaulkin Ginsberg

Since 1991, Kaulkin Ginsberg has provided value-added strategic advisory services tailored specifically to ARM and closely related outsourced business services companies. Our service offerings include mergers and acquisitions advisory, strategic consulting, valuations, market research, litigation support, and expert witness testimony. Our client-centric approach covers almost every stage of a company’s lifecycle and enables us to maintain longstanding and intimate relationships as trusted strategic advisors.

For more information on our firm, visit us at www.kaulkin.com.

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