Performing an Enterprise Valuation Before an Acquisition

March 6th, 2015

Topline Valuation Group Shares a Recent Success Story.

tvg-logo-tempA mid-sized west coast collection agency considered acquiring a smaller, mom-and-pop operation.

Challenge: The smaller collection agency did not have any financial statements prepared. Concern over the validity of its financial performance arose, so the mid-sized agency hired Topline Valuation Group to provide an independent assessment of its value.

Solution: Topline’s experts performed an enterprise valuation by compiling essential, historical financial information, reviewing operational performance, evaluating client trends, determining if there were any concentration or industry risks, and interviewing the smaller agency’s owner to develop their analysis.

The mid-sized agency was then able to make an informed decision about whether it should acquire the smaller operation.

What can Topline do for you?

Contact Adam Freedenberg for a confidential discussion of your valuation needs.


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