Creating an Informed Acquisition Strategy

April 12th, 2010

Expanding through acquisition?
Be sure to look before you leap

A national guaranty agency that insures and services federally backed student loans was looking to grow through the acquisition of a collection agency. Before making such a substantial investment in money, time, and resources, its executives wanted to be sure they were making good decisions. What agencies should they approach? What made these companies most successful? Was it a good time to enter this market?

The agency hired Kaulkin Ginsberg to conduct a strategic analysis of the student loan sector of the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry.

After confirming our client’s objectives and timeframes, we used our in-depth knowledge of the market and extensive network of industry contacts to approach leaders in the sector, with full disclosure up front on the nature of our call.

We were able to quickly deliver a comprehensive assessment of the market, including critical success factors for the sector, and concluded with our opinion of appropriate agencies for our client to approach.  The results are currently being used by our client to support its acquisition strategy.

What can we do for you?

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