Is Your Company a Great Place to Work?

June 30th, 2008

The collection industry has many first-rate employers, and is pleased to be launching a brand new program designed to honor these companies!

Our “Best Places to Work in Collections” program seeks to identify and honor the companies that have the most engaged and satisfied employees. Top-ranking companies will be able to use this designation to help recruit new talent.

Numerous studies have shown that having a positive work environment leads to happier, more productive employees, which in turn leads to an improved bottom line.

Companies will have the opportunity to review their employee survey results in detail, so they can identify their own strengths and weaknesses in employee morale.

How does it work?

We’ve teamed up with the Best Companies Group, which oversees similar “Best Places to Work” surveys in many cities and in other industries. They will manage the program and will be responsible for gathering and assessing the survey data.

Participating companies will first complete a questionnaire, and then the employees of the company will be asked to complete an employee survey. The combined information will be analyzed to select the best workplaces.

We’ll be announcing the "Best Places to Work in Collections" on Inside in January.

If you’re interested in nominating your company, please visit: . Nominations must be received by August 15.

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