Four Tips for Successful Recruiting in a Candidate-Driven Market

September 10th, 2007

By Karyn Zweback
Account Executive, Executive Alliance

It is a candidate-driven market today, where competition is high and there are more positions available than there are candidates to fill them. In this environment, being prepared for the hiring process is critical. Outlined below is some important information to help you succeed in selecting the best and brightest talent for your company.

  1. Let the candidate talk
    Recruiters advise that the candidate should do 80 percent of the talking in an interview. A fatal error is having the interviewer carry too much of the conversation. An experienced interviewer is comfortable with moments of silence and actually allows a candidate to elaborate on their answers. This provides the interviewer the opportunity to learn more about the candidate.
  2. Be organized and ready to act
    In our experience, one major reason a company loses out on a great candidate is a disorganized interviewing and offer-making process. Before placing an ad, using a recruiting firm, or hiring through an internal referral, companies should clearly define who will be involved in the interviewing process, what skill sets they are looking to identify, how the decision to hire will be reached, and finally, what approvals will be needed to extend an offer. If your competition has a streamlined, clearly-defined interviewing and offer process and yours lacks this efficiency, you might see your new star employee land with the competition.
  3. Know what candidates are looking for in a new company
    In a competitive hiring environment, candidates may be fielding multiple offers. How your company is presented during an interview might be the determining factor in landing the candidate over your competition. Here are some criteria candidates weigh before making a decision:

    • Financial stability of your company
    • Geographical location
    • Working environment
    • Challenge
    • Reputation of the company
    • Chemistry of co-workers
    • Opportunity to learn & grow
    • Flexibility
    • Recognition
    • Excitement
    • Technology
    • Status
    • Work-Life balance
  4. Have counter-offer counter measures in place
    The competition for a coveted candidate might not just be coming from another new employer. It might be coming from their current place of employment. Companies do not want to part with a skilled employee and a valuable resource. During your interviewing process, find out what is motivating the candidate to consider making a move to greener pastures. It is important to listen to the candidates concerns about his current place of employment. This information will be critical in presenting your company and position as “the right position” for your potential new employee, and will be helpful in taking the appropriate counter measures if a counter-offer is made.

A company’s employees are its most valuable resource. The inability to hire superior candidates can hinder a company’s ability to grow and maintain performance. These shortcomings become even more glaring in a candidate-driven market. Any steps you can take to improve your hiring process will give you the competitive advantage you need in today’s marketplace.

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